SNL Has a Special Message for All the Girls Missing Prom This Year

Season 45 of Saturday Night Live is now officially over, but the show still has a few new sketches up its sleeve. One of the “Digital Exclusive” sketches that didn’t make it into the weekend’s season-finale episode hosted by Kristen Wiig is “Message to the Girls,” in which cast members Aidy Bryant and Kate McKinnon play two boys named Aiden and Kurt who attempt to comfort their would-be dates now that they can’t have a prom this year due to the pandemic. “Since we can’t be there to shower you in admirances, we thought we’d take you to prom in your fantasy,” Aidy, a.k.a. Aiden, says. The pair runs through the night that will never be, from the prom photos (featuring “a refrigerated corsage made entirely of 100 percent baby’s breath”) to the limo ride to the part of the evening where everyone will “hopefully” make out. “I will have so many Altoids throughout the night, you will feel my breath in your eyes!” Aiden says. “I will close my eyes and fully miss your mouth,” Kurt says, adding, “At the end of the night, I will pay my friend Chris to give me a hickey.” Look, it’s not as good as these kids actually getting to go to prom this year, but thanks to the romantic charms of Aiden and Kurt, it’s pretty close.

SNL Has a Message for All the Girls Missing Prom This Year