SNL’s Beck Bennett Won’t Spit in Kyle Mooney’s Throat (Anymore)

When was the moment when it finally hit home for you that regular life as we knew it had been turned upside down? Was it Frozen closing on Broadway? Scoob! on VOD? For us, it was Kyle Mooney playing the straight man opposite Beck Bennett in a cut-for-time Saturday Night Live digital short. The two flip their decade-long script in “Neighbors,” which sees Mooney being totally accosted (from a six feet away) by his weird neighbor Bennett, who’s going by “Dizzy” now. Dizzy just wants to chitchat about puzzles and dishes, share his banana bread, and blackmail Mooney into quarantining together. He also offers up some helpful coronavirus expertise, like “we can’t be sniffing up farts willy-nilly like normal” because the virus can travel through farts now. No more games of “spit throat” between you and your dad now, either. This is one of a handful of digital sketches that didn’t make the final cut for SNL’s last batch of episodes. Even when the show isn’t on network television, Mooney’s sketches are still somehow too weird to make it into the episode. At least some things never change.

Beck Bennett Won’t Spit in Kyle Mooney’s Throat (Anymore)