SZA Crowdsources A New Project: All of Her Previously Unreleased Songs

Photo: Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for REVOLT

On June 9, it will be exactly three years since SZA released her critically-acclaimed, Grammy-nominated Ctrl. Fans are dying for a sophomore studio album from the singer, who tweeted on January 3 that the album will probably arrive at some point this calendar year. While the exact drop date is uncertain, and the actual content of the EP even more unclear, SZA is already ruminating on a new project. Or, to be more accurate, an old project, since it would consist of all of her previously unreleased tracks from the past.

The singer, who says she was “locked outta Twitter all quarantine,” from March 20 to May 24, immediately returned to social media and started brainstorming a “music dump” with fans. “So like a music dump .. similar to a photo dump but not an album,” SZA tweeted Monday. “This concept make sense to anyone? Has anyone ever done it ? Asking for me.” When a fan suggested she make a compilation called Perfectionism featuring all of her unreleased work, SZA seemed to be onboard. “Oooooouuuuuuuuu,” the singer mused. “It’s like even the shit that leaked ain’t the throw aways. That’s the throw aways leftovers.”

Continued the singer, “Okay dead ass THIS IS NOW A COLLECTIVE EFFORT EVERYONE IF U HAVE A SNIPPET IN MIND PLACE IT IN THIS THREAD. I DONT REMEMBER ALL OF THEM SO GATHER WHAT U WANT AND ILL SEARCH THE HARD DRIVE TODAY.” So, if you remember an amazing SZA song floating around the Internet that never found a home on Ctrl, let her know. Your obsessive knowledge of forgotten tracks might just pay off in real time.

SZA Crowdsources A New Project: All of Her Unreleased Songs