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Bachelor Nation Cross-Pollinates Its Newest Couple With Victoria Fuller and Chris Soules

Photo-Illustration: Vulture and Getty Images

When one franchise couple ends, another one gets blessed by the patron saint of Chris Harrison and can begin. Bachelor Nation alums Victoria Fuller and Chris Soules are exclusively dating after weeks of intrigue, Us Weekly reports. The pairing, as fans of the series will tell you, is a bit perplexing: Fuller, who competed on Peter Weber’s recent Bachelor season, got a strong villain edit due to her history of sleeping with married men, a White Lives Matter modeling scandal, and a DWI. Soules, on the other hand, led a Bachelor season several years ago as a fan favorite, and enjoyed living a quiet life as a farmer in Iowa prior to a high-profile hit and run charge in 2017, which resulted in two years of probation. The two have been quarantining together on Soules’s farm for several weeks now, and, although neither has spoken about the relationship (minus a few photos on Instagram of the farm to confirm their location), Us Weekly says that Soules “slid into her DMs” earlier this year. Good luck to both of them.

Victoria Fuller and Chris Soules Are Newest Bachelor Couple