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The Weeknd Played a Cartoon Version of Himself and Sang About Being a Virgin on American Dad

Here’s an absurd-enough string of words to make you forget about the state of the world for a second: The Weeknd starred as a cartoon-ified version of himself and sang a song about being a virgin on May 4’s episode of American Dad. He also co-wrote the episode of the TBS series. When Hayley tries to have sex with The Weeknd at her husband Jeff’s insistence (The Weeknd is at the top of her freebie list), The Weeknd admits that he’s actually never had sex — a fact that the version of The Weeknd from Uncut Gems might want to dispute. “I’m a virgin / Never got close enough,” The Weeknd sings, adding that he’s never even watched porn or done drugs. Is this the confessional Weeknd we’ve been waiting to return? After the song, he explains that his abstinence “gives me superpowers other singers don’t possess.” Guess that’s where those No. 1s are coming from.

The Weeknd Sang About Being a Virgin on New American Dad