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Your Chances of Seeing Timothy Olyphant Holding Baby Yoda Have Just Skyrocketed

Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Chances are the makers of The Mandalorian wanted Timothy Olyphant for his Deadwood- and Justified-confirmed Western swagger, but that doesn’t mean he won’t end up snuggling America’s freakishly strong sweetheart Baby Yoda on the Disney+ show at some point. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Santa Clarita Diet actor will be joining Temuera Morrison and the returning Mandalorian cast for the second season of the series, which will reportedly premiere in October.

It’s currently unknown whether Olyphant will portray a brand-new character, a returning character or some Star Wars universe freaky-leaky deep cut, so, yes, hypothetically, it’s just as likely Timothy Olyphant will get to carry Baby Yoda in a Baby Bjorn as it is he’ll have to assassinate him under orders from Werner Herzog, but we pray it’s the former. We don’t want to see what happens when some gunslinger goes toe-to-toe with Baby Yoda and thinks he’ll make it out alive.

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Chances Timothy Olyphant Might Hold Baby Yoda Skyrocket