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Most Algorithmic Tom Hanks Dad Film Ever to Premiere on AppleTV+

Photo: Apple

A Father’s Day? Where your dad can stream a brand new Tom Hanks film about things like “submarines” and “Allied ships” in the comfort of his favorite recliner with a couple of brewskis, just like Marty Crane? America’s Dad really knows his audience. Deadline reports that Greyhound, a new Hanks war drama about a commander of a Navy destroyer during the start of World War II, will switch from a proper theatrical release to digital streaming on Apple TV+. The film, which Hanks also penned the screenplay for, revolves around how the leader of an international convoy of ships (Hanks, duh) has to defend his fleet from an unrelenting wolf pack of German U-boats, who’d love nothing more than to sink and kill everything — and everyone. Deadline notes that this is the first Hanks film to debut on a streaming service, with a bidding war resulting in a deal “in the $70 million range.” While Apple hasn’t confirmed Greyhound’s intended release, it’s expected to maintain its dad-tastic June 12 premiere.

Most Algorithmic Tom Hanks Dad Film Ever to Debut on AppleTV