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Dashboard Confessional’s Chris Carrabba Performs a Soundtrack for Your Summer of Longing

The sun is finally shining, and yet here we are, continuing to be stuck inside, venturing out only to wait in socially distanced lines, judge strangers who refuse to wear masks, and remember better days. But I say to you, has there ever been a better atmosphere for a Dashboard Confessional concert than sitting at the window on a sunny day, dreaming about the last time you got the chance to flirt with a stranger in person? Luckily, we can make this happen for you, in the only live performance venue that’s currently, and safely, open for business: Instagram Live. Dashboard Confessional front man and emo king Chris Carrabba joined us as part of our Superlative Sessions series, a livestreaming show where we ask musicians to dig deep into their catalogues to judge their own songs. So it’s a concert, but it’s also a guide to how the artists themselves feel about their own work.

While the livestream endured some minor technical difficulties (a thing which, frankly, we should all be numb to by now), Carrabba powered through to deliver us a set that included “Screaming Infidelities,” “Vindicated,” “Stolen,” and an upcoming brand-new single “Burning Heart.” He also revealed the song he most wishes he’d written: Post Malone’s “Circles.” He even performed a cover of it that will have you convinced it could be a lost Dashboard single. So cozy up to your designated window for wistful gazing, and relive the whole thing in all its now glitch-free glory, here on our IGTV as often as you want.

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