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Saddle Up for Kevin Costner in the Yellowstone Season 3 Trailer

Vast expanses, wide-open spaces, fresh air. That’s the sort of content we’re yearning for, especially going on week X Æ A-12 of housebound self-isolation. That’s why the trailer for season three of Paramount Network’s Yellowstone could not have dropped at a better time. In our exclusive first look at the trailer for season three, Kevin Costner’s cowboy-patriarch-land baron John Dutton is facing a new threat to the ranch: a slick-talking land developer, played by Lost’s Josh Holloway, who wants to build an airport, and then a city around that airport, right in the heart of Yellowstone. As we know from the past two seasons of dynastic rancher drama, though, the Duttons don’t go down without a fight. (When Wes Bentley tells you, “I won’t betray you, you have my word,” you take that word with about five tablespoons of salt.) In the trailer, deals are made, hands are shook, palms are greased, guns are pulled, and most importantly, ponies are ridden and people in cowboy hats do, in fact, kiss. Josh Brolin’s daughter Eden Brolin and Michael Landon’s daughter Jennifer Landon will also join the cast alongside Holloway. The third season of Yellowstone premieres Father’s Day, Sunday June 21 on Paramount Network at 9 p.m. ET. Perfect dad content right here. Yee haw!

Saddle Up for the Yellowstone Season 3 Trailer