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Ansel Elgort Accused of Sexual Assault, Responds on Instagram

Photo: Shutterstock

Ansel Elgort was accused of sexual assault yesterday by a Twitter user who wrote that the actor had assaulted her in 2014 when she was 17 years old. She tweeted that Elgort assaulted her after the two had met on social media, and that he had also asked her for nude photos. “It was my first time and I was sobbing in pain and I didn’t want to do it,” she wrote. “He made me think this is how sex was supposed to be (…) Years later I have PTSD, I have panic attacks I go to therapy.” She also included a photo of what appeared to be her and Elgort, as well as a screenshot of their direct messages. She has since deleted her posts and profile.

Denying the accusation of sexual assault on Instagram, Elgort wrote that “her description of events is simply not what happened. I have never and would never assault anyone.” He went on to say that the two had a “brief, legal and entirely consensual relationship,” and he had “stopped responding to her” and “disappeared” after their break-up. He apologized for his “attitude,” writing that he will “continue to reflect, learn, and work to grow in empathy.”

Ansel Elgort Responds to Sexual Assault Accusation