Boots Riley’s ‘Dark,’ ‘Absurd’ New TV Project Stars Jharrel Jerome as a 13-Foot-Tall Man

Photo: Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images for Tribeca Film Festival

After seeing his surreal telemarketing dramedy Sorry to Bother You, you might be wondering what Boots Riley has been working on since, and how it’s going to compare to the 2018 film’s uncanny twist. According to the director’s recent announcement on Twitter, at least, he’ll see your equine labor allegory and raise you a TV show about a 13-foot-tall black man living in Oakland, California. Oh, also, based on the title, the 13-foot-tall man is a Virgo.

“I have a show about a 13-ft tall Black man who lives in Oakland. It’s called I’m A Virgo,” Riley tweeted Monday, along with a poster for the project. Actor Jharrel Jerome, known for his work in Mr. Mercedes, When They See Us, and Moonlight as André Holland’s 16-year-old self, will reportedly star. “I’m doing this w Michael Ellenberg’s Media Res. We haven’t decided on the network/streamer,” the director writes. “It’ll be dark, absurd, hilarious, and important.” The horse people would approve.

Boots Riley Developing ‘Dark,’ ‘Absurd’ TV Show I’m a Virgo