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These Chloe x Halle Lyrics Have Twitter Dragging Diggy Simmons for No Reason

Honestly, they’d be too powerful together. Photo-Illustration: Vulture and Getty Images

Never has it been more evident that if the internet comes together to protect something they love, they will always prevail. And while we could be referring to K-pop stans’ recent philanthropic efforts, yeah, we’re actually talking about how black stan Twitter dragged Diggy Simmons to hell and back in defense of Chloe Bailey based on a few lyrics. After listening to Chloe x Halle’s new album, Ungodly Hour, where Chloe calls out a trifling ex on more than one song, fans got the idea that Chloe’s Grown-ish co-star (and onscreen love interest) is the subject of her wrath. “I come on twitter at 3am to y’all dragging Diggy bc apparently he cheated on Chloe bc they apparently dated and got a white girl pregnant and y’all got all of that from a few lyrics from Chloe x Halle’s album…MAM,” one tweet sums it up. But is there even a tiny grain of truth to the rumor? Let’s review the evidence.

Chloe and Diggy play one of Grown-ish’s cutest couples, Doug and Jazz. There were hints here and there that Diggy and Chloe might be taking their romance offscreen, including paparazzi shots of a potential date last year. And while this could be totally platonic dancing, don’t they look like somebody’s auntie and uncle in the background of this video from December? Then, there’s the most damning piece of evidence, a video in which Chloe learns you can’t even trust your own. “Have y’all dated anyone from Grown-ish in real life?” Halle reads a question on Instagram Live and turns to her sister. “Chloe?” She’s speechless.

Something may have been going on, but there definitely isn’t enough evidence to go straight to baby mama drama. Twitter sleuths are mostly pulling from the track “Busy Boy,” where Chloe sings “It’s four o’clock / you sendin’ me too many pictures of your …” and “And by the way / I think I just stumbled on your girlfriend’s page / Congratulations / She’s sayin’ that the baby comin’ any day.” And over on “Do It,” Halle sings, “No drama, no baby mamas.” Diggy rapped about getting someone pregnant in 2018’s “Momma Love,” but there’s been no public follow-up. All in all, there’s very little evidence that Diggy Simmons is the fuckboy in question, but whoever it is, Chloe x Halle annihilated them on this album. Twitter came to Chloe’s defense, but she doesn’t even need it. No Beyoncé “If you try that shit again,” the girls are too grown for games on Ungodly Hour.

Are These Chloe x Halle Lyrics About Diggy Simmons?