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Community Episode Removed From Streaming Over Chang’s Dungeons & Dragons Blackface

Photo: NBCUniversal via Getty Images

No, you don’t have Changnesia: Community has become the latest sitcom to remove episodes from streaming services over blackface. Per Deadline, the season-two episode “Advanced Dungeons & Dragons” has been purged from Netflix and Hulu, as the character Ben Chang (portrayed by Ken Jeong) dresses up in full-body black makeup and a white wig to play the fantasy roll-playing game. Chang likens himself as a “dark elf or a drow” trying to get into the psyche of Brutalitops the Magician, but his fellow classmate Shirley (portrayed by Yvette Nicole Brown) calls his look a “hate crime.” Netflix and Hulu initiated the episode’s removal, with Community’s production company, Sony Pictures Television, stating that they “support the decision.” Dan Harmon, the show’s creator, has yet to address the removal. The Greendale gang now joins Scrubs and 30 Rock for having blackface episodes scrubbed from streaming.

Community Episode Removed From Streaming Over Blackface