Curb Your Enthusiasm to Return for Season 11, Hopefully With a Mask Episode

Larrycore aesthetic. Photo: Courtesy of HBO Max

Larry David has been social distancing since before it was cool and definitely before it was medically mandatory, so the American people definitely need him, Susie Essman, Jeff Garlin, and J.B. Smoove now more than ever. HBO announced that Curb Your Enthusiasm, which has aired 100 episodes since it debuted in 2001, will return for an 11th season. Said David in a very in-character statement, “Believe me, I’m as upset about this as you are. One day I can only hope that HBO will come to their senses and grant me the cancellation I so richly deserve.” Considering that the series most likely will not begin filming until it’s safe to improvise dialogue in a crowd again, we think Larry’s misanthropy and borderline-agoraphobia will be striking at a perfect time, when we’ve all forgotten our social mores and no one knows how to act. Season 10 literally ended with a Purell fire.

Curb Your Enthusiasm to Return, Hopefully With Mask Episode