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There’s a Bigger Pandemic to Worry About in DaBaby’s ‘Rockstar’ Video

The coronavirus hasn’t gotten in DaBaby’s way yet: He released a full album during quarantine, Blame It on Baby, logged a No. 1 album, and a No. 1song. That song, “Rockstar,” finally got a video on June 26, also filmed during quarantine — but unlike the masked album art for Blame It on Baby, there are bigger worries in this visual. The “Rockstar” video finds DaBaby and collaborator Roddy Ricch in a world overrun by guitar-wielding zombies, but they’ve promised to squeeze their Glocks (and then some). It’s quite the production for something created during social distancing, and a credits scene — soundtracked by DaBaby’s Black Lives Matter “Rockstar” remix verse — shows how three-person directing crew and DaBaby standbys Reel Goats pulled it off, with masks and some distance. Killing this pandemic won’t be as easy as putting some zombies in the ground, but if it were, we’d know who to call.

There’s a Bigger Pandemic in DaBaby’s ‘Rockstar’ Video