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How Much of This Awkward Dating Around Montage Can You Endure?

Netflix’s Dating Around is basically just a psychological study to see how much painful first-date conversation any standard streaming TV viewer is able to get through, and the second episode of the show’s second season is the ultimate stress test. Ben, a university professor and the ultimate awkward nice guy, goes on five deeply uncomfortable first dates in New Orleans, parts of which Netflix has excerpted into the montage above. Poor Ben fumbles so many conversations, keeps bringing up awkward topics, and really, really wants to talk about Avatar: The Last Airbender (which, to be fair to him, is a great show). It’s painful and, to be fair, a little endearing in a way. Does Ben end up connecting with one of these women and going on a second date? Personally I have no idea because I was not able to keep watching.

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How Much of This Awkward Dating Around Clip Can You Endure?