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Here’s Your First Look at Jared Harris and Lee Pace in Isaac Asimov’s Foundation Series

Apple’s 2020 Worldwide Developer’s Conference launched a lot of new technology and products this afternoon: there were custom silicon chips; there were new, predictably pared-down interfaces; and there was Foundation, the latest big-budget prestige series for Apple TV+. Foundation is based on the series of science-fiction novels by Isaac Asimov, which Apple’s pre-trailer rigmarole tells us was “an enormous influence on Star Warsand “the greatest science fiction work of all time.” The series will be executive-produced by showrunner David S. Goyer, who co-wrote Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. In the first teaser for Foundation, Jared Harris plays Hari Seldon, a “psychohistorian” who predicts a catastrophic future of Chernobyl proportions. Lee Pace plays Brother Day, a galactic emperor who, for all his power, cannot afford sleeves. The special-effects budget looks massive, the locations vast, and the lore deep. The series is set to premiere in 2021, and there are seven books to catch up on, taking place across multiple millennia. And you thought Dune was dense.

Watch Jared Harris and Lee Pace in the Foundation Series