this! is! awful!

Jeopardy! Runs Out of New Episodes Just When We Need Them the Most

Photo: Eric McCandless/ABC via Getty Images

We’ll take “this is absolutely terrible news” for $800, Alex. Despite finding a nice groove of alternating between new and old episodes since production was forced to shut down in March, Jeopardy! has officially run out of new episodes due to the coronavirus pandemic. According to a press release obtained by Vulture, the show will now be utilizing a creative way for reruns: Beginning on June 15, every episode will be dedicated to a contestant who competed in the 2019 Tournament of Champions. (Yes, that means we get to see James Holzhauer again. And the person who beat him!) These episodes will culminate with the tournament re-airing starting on July 6. “Some of these contestants played quite a while ago,” Jeopardy!’s executive producer said, “so we hope that highlighting their biggest games will provide a deeper understanding of their specific strengths and how they earned their places in the Tournament of Champions.”

Since its March shut down, Jeopardy! was able to air its annual Teachers Tournament as planned, as well as a few weeks of normal (and gaffe-filled) episodes. These were sandwiched between the re-airing of the show’s wildly popular Greatest of All Time Tournament from earlier this year, as well as a few old episodes that featured the GOAT himself, Ken Jennings. The show has yet to confirm what its scheduling will look like past July, so Vulture would once again like to advocate for Jennings’s entire 75-game run.

Jeopardy! Out of New Episodes When We Need Them the Most