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John Boyega Is Severely Disappointed in His Twitter Impostor’s Lack of Sauce

I’d marry him. Photo: Getty Images

If you’re going to impersonate John Boyega on Twitter and ask someone to slide into your DMs, you better put some sauce on it. On June 22, comedian and recent Northeastern graduate Raina Morris beat us all to the punch and offered her hand in marriage to Star Wars actor and hater of racists John Boyega. “This video is for John Boyega @JohnBoyega please consider me for marriage,” tweeted @quakerraina, along with a video. “I have good genes (never had braces) and I can learn how to cook.” Two very strong arguments in her favor. The tweet went viral with over 2.5 million views and 38,000 likes and ended up garnering the attention of a Twitter account that, at the time, looked a lot like John Boyega. “Hi Raina, I would love to consider you for marriage,” tweeted @Weslinhho, posturing John Boyega. “Just drop me a quick DM and we can go from there!” Respectful? Sure. But saucy? No, not really.

The imposter’s tweet went mega viral, with over 128,000 likes and got the attention of the real John Boyega, who was at first confused and then severely disappointed in the impostor’s lack of game. “Pls why is the TL saying I’ve just accepted marriage proposal,” tweeted out Boyega. “Lol I’m here my own business oo.” Once he did get wise to what was going on, Boyega correctly identified the problem with the tweet was a lack of sauce and not identity theft. “What kind of corny response is this ? At least if you’re pretending to be me… add sauce to your approach na.” A quick note to all future John Boyega impersonators: If you don’t have any sauce, don’t even try. Also, it looks like Boyega hasn’t accepted any marriage proposals as of yet so there’s still time to get your application in.

John Boyega Is Disappointed in Impostor’s Lack of Sauce