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Bask in John Early and Seth Meyers’s Intense Sexual Chemistry

The wonderful John Early was a guest on last night’s Late Night With Seth Meyers, and instead of making the rest of us point it out, Early addressed the elephant in the room. “I have to say, it must be acknowledged that even though 3,000 miles apart, the sexual chemistry is off the charts. I mean, even with Zoom, we are — it’s electric. It’s crazy,” Early said. “Well, it’s interesting, because I feel like it’s electric when we’re face-to-face,” Meyers replied, “and yet now, of course, we’re more reliant on actual electricity because of the way we’re communicating, and so it may be like a factor of two.”

If you need a break from all that tension, Early also told Meyers about how, when lockdown began, he initially pretended to read books “on the porch like in wartimes,” but now he’s actually reading books for real. He’s also been binge-watching Top Chef for the first time and told Meyers it’s become “a true binky” for him, which reintroduces the topic of sexual tension to the conversation. “Literally, I’ve Googled so many times at like 2 in the morning, ‘Are Gail and Padma friends?’” Early told Meyers. “Any time they interact — like any comment across the judges’ table — I literally start blushing. I’m wildly in love with them.” Meyers says onscreen chemistry like that “would be hard to fake,” and we feel the same way about this very interview.

Bask in John Early and Seth Meyers’s Sexual Chemistry