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JoJo Unbottles Some Big Things, Like a Man, in ‘Small Things’ Video

JoJo had perfected quarantine before the rest of us: She recorded her extremely horny recent album, Good to Know, during a ten-month period of celibacy. Now, her video for new single “Small Things” is focused on a man. She sings that she’s done holding her emotions in, so in the video, she unbottles some pretty big things: a house, a city, and one man too hot to keep hidden from the world. (Don’t question how that makes sense when her dancers are dancing in upright bathtubs. Just focus on her impeccably smooth voice.) As the video ends, our once-single queen is now back with her man. And ever willing to stand up for others, she closes the video with a Toni Morrison quote — “The function of freedom is to try to free someone else” — and a link to the ACLU.

JoJo Unbottles a Man in ‘Small Things’ Video