Kelly Clarkson Covers a New Little Band Called The Chicks for Kellyoke

Never forget that Ms. Kelly Clarkson is a country girl from Fort Worth, Texas. So when she sings “Cowboy Take Me Away” for her latest Kellyoke, she means it. For Friday morning’s episode, Clarkson covered the hit by The Chicks — and no, that’s not a new group, they’re the same Chicks you’ve known and loved, and whose new album you’re anxiously awaiting. She gave a classic run-through of the country ballad for her red-tinted quarantine cover, which joins another Kellyoke of a 1999 hit, “Unpretty,” from earlier this week. And if she can do “Cowboy Take Me Away” this well, why stop at the name change? Can Kelly Clarkson be the honorary fourth Chick?

Kelly Clarkson Covers New Band The Chicks for Kellyoke