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K-Pop Stans Continue to Run the Internet, Flood Racist Twitter Hashtags

Blackpink. Photo: Christopher Polk/Shutterstock

Maybe you were a little shocked this morning when you opened Twitter to see hashtags like #whiteoutwednesday trending. (Maybe not.) Click on one and you’ll be significantly less worried to know that they’re filled with K-pop fancams and photos, meant to drown out racist and pro-cop tweets. Have you ever been happier to see Jungkook? Accounts like @1TGIRL and @stayy_zz seemed to organize the effort. This comes less than 48 hours after K-pop stans flooded police department apps and portals, meant for submitting photos and videos of protest activity and looting, with more fancams. The effort started the evening of June 2 on hashtags like #bluelivesmatter and, as of this morning, has taken over #whiteoutwednesday and #whitelivesmatter. (They now show up as “kpop” tags on Twitter’s trending page.) Because if there’s one constant on the internet aside from the presence of racists, it’s that K-pop stans run the show.

K-Pop Stans Continue to Flood Racist Twitter Hashtags