The Good Place Producer Megan Amram Apologizes for Resurfaced Offensive Tweets

Photo: FilmMagic

Megan Amram, a co-producer and writer for NBC’s The Good Place and star and creator of the web series An Emmy for Megan, has issued an apology for past tweets of hers that recently resurfaced from the early 2010s making offensive jokes about Asian-Americans, Jewish people, as well as people with disabilities. “I would like to address some tweets from over the past decade that have been circulating recently,” Amram wrote in a statement she tweeted out on the evening of Wednesday, June 17. “I fear this will not convey everything that I want it to, but I am speaking from the heart and trying my best to communicate my sincere regret. I am deeply embarrassed and more apologetic than you can ever know.”

She went on to detail the ways in which she has grown as a person in the almost decade since writing the offensive tweets. “An apology means nothing without action and change behind it, and I assure you that the reason these tweets are from years ago is because action and change IS behind it. As my platform grew, I learned the power I had to amplify voices and the responsibility that came along with it. My platform and jobs are meaningful tools to foster diverse writers, combat workplace discrimination, educate myself, donate and to consciously and vocally support BIPOC, LGBTQ people and more.” Beyond The Good Place and An Emmy for Megan, Amram has written for Parks and Recreation and Silicon Valley.

Amram ended her apology by apologizing for staying silent on the issue until this point and pledging to do better in the future. “I have been silent on this in the hopes that my current actions would speak louder than my past words, and that was my mistake, but I would like to make it very clear now how deeply sorry I am. I’m not posting the tweets here since I do not want to hurt people again with those words. But I want to be very clear: I am sorry. I mean it and I will prove that every day for the rest of my life.”

Megan Amram Apologizes for Past Offensive Tweets