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Sam Richardson Wants You to Research Defunding the Police

It’s hard to imagine having a “nice time” right now, but luckily this episode of Two Friends: A Nice Time Hanging Out With People Who Know Each Other Well stars two of the best people you’ll ever watch. Harvey Guillén, who plays the beloved Guillermo on What We Do in the Shadows, and Sam Richardson of Detroiters, Veep, and I Think You Should Leave’s epic “Baby of the Year” sketch caught up live on Instagram. We use “caught up” here very loosely, since these two have the kind of easy friendship we’d be envious of if it didn’t make us so damn happy.

The two hadn’t seen each other since the day before L.A.’s lockdown began, when they were on the set of the film Werewolves Within, but they immediately fell back into a rapport peppered with quotes from The Simpsons and making up a full dance on the spot over the phrase “soft opening.” Richardson discussed his feelings on the modern civil-rights movement, and he even took the time to educate an Instagram Live viewer on voter suppression and encouraged viewers to research police abolition. So, while I don’t mean to be hyperbolic, this conversation will both fill you with a joy you forgot existed and also make you a materially better person.

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Sam Richardson Wants You to Research Defunding the Police