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Summer Walker and Usher’s Dreamy BET Awards Performance Will Make You Wish You Had a Broken Heart

Throwing away all those love letters didn’t make you feel better, but for at least a few minutes, Summer Walker and Usher’s BET Awards performance will made you feel like having your heart broken is a visit to a tranquil, pastel oasis, as opposed to the emotional equivalent of stepping on broken glass.

During Sunday’s awards show, a bare-foot, champagne pink-bathed Walker serenaded the audience with “Sessions 32,” before Usher came through for “Come Thru,” all while maintaining an appropriate social distance. Walker was nominated for the evening’s Best New Artist and Best Female R&B/Pop Artist awards, but lost to Roddy Ricch and Lizzo, respectively. Usher, meanwhile, lost out on Best Male R&B/Pop Artist to Chris Brown. Enjoy their performance in the video above, and enjoy being baby blue and pink for at least a little while, before going back to plain old blue.

Summer Walker and Usher Duet In Their Dreamy BET Awards Set