Taryn Manning’s Instagram Post Is Basically a Pro-Trump Bingo Card

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When President Trump teargassed peaceful protesters and the priests who were supporting them to clear out St. John’s church for a Bible photo op (during a respiratory pandemic, no less), many public figures condemned the stunt. Throughout the past week’s protests against police brutality, in fact, celebrities like Halsey, Stephanie Beatriz, and Griffin Newman have protested against the death of George Floyd and donated to bail funds. Taryn Manning, who played Pennsatucky on Orange Is the New Black, has taken a different approach to the violent displays of authoritarianism in the news, posting to Instagram about how “everyone attacks” Trump, who is “very nice actually,” and how “maybe if we lifted him up rather then [sic] tear him apart daily” he would “think straight and make better choices” with the help of the Holy Spirit and the wings of Jesus.

The rest of the caption reads like a Trump supporter bingo card: Manning quotes the QAnon conspiracy movement, using the hashtag “q” four times, citing Comet Pizza MAGA fanfiction like, “Did you know he’s saved more children from human trafficking than Obama ever did. No? Look it up.” She calls out “funded protests,” ties Black Lives Matter to “Soros,” calls out the “fake hate news” and “fake media,” and somewhat confusingly says, “Read about the Pope.” We will choose to interpret that last non sequitur as a plea for people to read Vulture’s coverage of The New Pope.

Updated June 2, 2:45 p.m.: Taryn Manning has deleted the Instagram post, but you can read the full text of the caption here.

I never pop political but I want to start by saying if I was being attacked the way everyone attacks him I would hold the HOLY BIBLE too. People can feel scared right now. Donald can feel scared too. I do say with all my love in the name of Jesus Christ my savior to be mindful of dragging God into the fake media and trying to pick this choice of his apart. Not about him, it’s about God. This is what I saw, I don’t watch fake news-#q. Who cares? Let it ride. I am happy because Donald chose the power of the sword in his hand #righthand and maybe if we lifted him up rather then tear him apart daily - since he is still in office, wished him the best and that we pray Jesus wrap his wings around the man for heavens sake then he could think straight and make better choices that please all the humans full of hate. Whatever it will take to shush the idle chit chat that is only the devils play time ✝️ No I don’t ‘support trump’ as you will all attack me. I support humans. Let it ride. I see his errors of course but let the Holy Spirit reign supreme now. Donald can be very nice actually. If you’re not attacking him constant. We are in times of utter peril. ✝️ Much bigger beasts at work. I mean for now. #gameover ;) remember in the end. We win. Book of revelations. Stay close to the ✝️ #q ALL I SEE IS THE BIBLE. That’s all that matters to me. #q funded protests - white antagonist - blaming BLM - nice Soros- #gameover #breadceumbs #q know the #truth do the research. It’s all there for you to see. Turn off your TVs. They got you by the ball sacks. I don’t care about Trump I care about kindness and peace #love q Do you know he’s saved more children from human trafficking than Obama ever did. No? Look it up. Stop reading the fake hate news and look at facts. Look at the symbols. Mass arrests. All darkness comes to light. You think this ONE man is the sole problem for the globe? We are 45 in the freedom of the press. Read news from other counties. Read about the Pope. Wake. C’mon. Think bigger for fun.

She also appears to have responded to critics by posting and swiftly deleting a childhood photo of herself posing with black friends, with the caption, “Far from a racist.”

Taryn Manning’s Instagram Post Is a Pro-Trump Bingo Card