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YouTuber and X Factor Contestant Trevi Moran Comes Out As a Transgender Woman

On Saturday, singer and YouTuber Trevi Moran came out as a transgender woman in a video titled “Coming Out. I Am Female.” “I’ve dealt with this feeling my entire life, and I know that I’m a woman deep down inside. It’s just a feeling you know,” Moran explains. “I hit a rock in my journey in 2017 when I thought I wasn’t transgender, because I thought that people were pushing me to be transgender. No, I just had a lot of demons back then. A lot of eating-disorder stuff, self-confidence issues. It wasn’t the time for me to come out back then, but now I’m here, and I’m transgender.”

In 2012, Moran debuted as a singer on The X Factor at the age of 13, though fans likely know her from appearing alongside YouTube star Tana Mongeau on MTV No Filter or on Mongeau’s massively successful YouTube channel. “This is a really vulnerable moment for me right now,” says Moran, who says she is making a docuseries about her transition. “If you’re ever lost, just don’t go out. Go in. Go in and find yourself, because going out and distracting yourself defeats the purpose.”

YouTuber Trevi Moran Comes Out As Transgender