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We Must Help Adam DeVine Find Blake Anderson’s Secret TikTok

The above video is more than just an episode of Two Friends: A Nice Time Hanging Out With People Who Know Each Other Well. It’s also a call to action. Extremely long-term friends and Workaholics stars Blake Anderson and Adam DeVine joined our Instagram series to rehash the 18 years they’ve known each other. They’ve stuck together through many dangers: swimming with sharks, almost falling off of their roof, having a kegerator in their home in their early 20s, and the time DeVine quit his day job to “work on comedy” after booking one commercial but ended up just getting so good at Wii bowling it was no longer fun to play with him.

You’d think that friends like these couldn’t possibly have a secret between them — I mean, Blake just appeared on Adam’s Quibi show; that means something! But, it turns out Blake has actually been hiding something big. Despite his status as millennial, he reveals near the end of this chat that he is the owner of an actual TikTok account. He refuses to tell DeVine (or us) what his handle is, saying “It’s better if you stumble on it randomly,” which has our interest piqued, to say the least. So, if anyone out there can help us discover the joys of this man’s TikTokery, please do take the time.

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We Must Help Adam DeVine Find Blake Anderson’s Secret TikTok