Ageless Wonder Paul Rudd Is the Most Like His Clueless Character

Hey James Bond, in America we drive on the right side of the road. Photo: Paramount Picutres

Clueless is officially 25 years old, and Paul Rudd hasn’t aged a day. Amy Heckerling’s high school masterpiece remains widely beloved by just about everyone, and for its anniversary, Vogue interviewed Alicia Silverstone, Cher Horowitz herself, about the film’s legacy. It is known lore for any Clueless fan that Heckerling cast Silverstone after seeing her in an Aerosmith music video, but that doesn’t mean Silverstone was actually that much like Cher. Silverstone tells Vogue she “found Cher on the page to be materialistic and unappealing. And really annoying, to be honest. Just everything I sort of loathed.” But when asked who in the cast was “the most similar to their onscreen counterpart,” Silverstone says:

Paul Rudd maybe? He’s just a good guy who’s smart and lovable and all those good things that make up Josh. Brittany Murphy was not like Tai. I don’t know Stacey Dash well enough to say for certain whether she’s like Dionne, but I’m guessing not much.

So Paul Rudd, living ray of goodness and light, really was just as good, smart, and lovable as the step-sibling love interest who launched a thousand borderline problematic sibcest tropes. No word on whether he had any of Josh’s snark, though. And Stacey Dash, to no one’s surprise, is nothing like Dionne.

Ageless Wonder Paul Rudd Is the Most Like Clueless Character