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Andy Samberg Has a Plan for Filming During Coronavirus, and it Involves Diapers

Andy Samberg looks like he’s having a pretty good quarantine, based on his appearance on Conan. His new movie Palm Springs (out now on Hulu) has received good reviews, and he is regularly serenaded by his wife, grillmaster Joanna Newsom. “I hear her play and practice because she’s gotta stay in ‘harp shape,’ which is a thing she tells me is a real thing.” On the show, Conan points out that Samberg not only starred in Palm Springs, but he’s also an executive producer. He must, therefore, have thoughts on when “people can go back to acting and making things again,” as the coronavirus pandemic has shut down film and television production. So Samberg lays out his grand vision for the future of Hollywood:

“I have a feeling … look — it can go one of two ways: We’ll get it under control; there’s a vaccine; we come up with some great protocol that actually feels safe. Or, and hear me out, everything goes mo-cap. Motion capture. And we all get Ready Player One-style mo-cap rigs in our homes, and you can audition this way, and then actually shoot this way. It’s like Avatar-style, but it’s in your little pod,” Samberg proposes. Sounds fair enough, until he keeps going.

“And, like Ready Player One, with a diaper. Because you don’t want to waste time by leaving set. That’s also from Ready Player One the book — not for all you posers who just saw the movie. They cut out the diaper thing. Also the virtual sex, they cut out. Such a sellout, Spielberg. Unbelievable. Anyway, I think if you can get a really good mo-cap rig and a little blue screen or green screen room in your house, with one of those 360-degree cameras, and a diaper, a big ol’ diaper, a big, like, multiple trips diaper …”

At this point, Conan cuts him off asking, “wait, so you’d be using the diaper over and over again without changing it?” Samberg answers, “Yeah, so you can just shoot for days, you know? Like in Ready Player One the book.” It’s nice to know that Andy Samberg is passionate about exactly three things: his family, Ready Player One, and diapers.

Andy Samberg Has a Plan for Hollywood During the Coronavirus