As It Turns Out, None of the Indian Matchmaking Couples Are Actually Still Together

Dating is fun! Photo: Netflix

As with traveling in old-fashioned train cars, so too with appearing on a Netflix reality-dating series, it’s more about the journey than arriving at any specific destination. So much so that on Indian Matchmaking, the latest Netflix dating show, none of the couples that are implied to be heading into longer term relationships at the end of their episodes are still together. That’s according to a report from the LA Times, which followed up with Sima Taparia’s clients on the show and discovered that everyone has gone their separate ways at the end of their episodes. Nadia Jagessar told them that “being off camera” changed her dynamic with Shekar and they’re no longer talking. Pradhyuman Maloo isn’t seeing the actress Rushali but is still “looking for the right one.” Aparna Shewakramani isn’t dating anyone she went out with, saying “they just weren’t the one for me.” Vyasar Ganesan said he’s still friends with both people he matched with, but just friends. Akshay Jakhete and Radhika went through a pre-engagement ceremony on the show, but never got formally engaged, apparently there were “some things which we found out that did not go down well with us” — ominous! Finally, Ankita Bansal didn’t get a match on the show, but told the Times that she feels like she had a good experience on the show, challenging her “preconceived notions associated with arranged marriages.” In the grand scheme of things, at least it’s nice that everyone got to go on some fun dates. Though really, what we’ve learned from Dating Around is that the strongest reality-show couples aren’t the ones you see on the show, but the people who ended up dating behind-the-scenes. So … which secret couples on Indian Matchmaking are gonna go public in a few months?

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None of the Indian Matchmaking Couples Are Still Together