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The Summer of Avatar Continues: The Legend of Korra Hits Netflix in August

So much punching! Photo: Nickelodeon

Avatar, recently reborn on Netflix, is about to be reborn again. The biggest streaming success story of the season has been the resurgence of the 15 year-old Nickelodeon series Avatar: the Last Airbender after it popped up on Netflix this summer, and now Netflix has announced plans to bring the show’s sequel series, The Legend of Korra, to the platform on August 14 in the U.S. Korra premiered in 2012 on Nickelodeon and ran for four seasons. The show picks up decades after the end of Aang’s adventures in The Last Airbender, with a new avatar reborn into his role, a Water Tribe member named Korra. It takes a slightly different approach to the Avatar universe: Korra and her friends are older than Aang and crew, the “books” (a.k.a. seasons) are shorter than the original at 13 episodes apiece, and its world and design are more akin to a comic-book serial set in a 1920s New York–ish metropolis.

Still, a lot of the core fascinations of The Last Airbender crop up, especially as the show progresses — including journeys to the spirit world, characters who tie back to the original series, and, of course, ideas about political power and corruption. Korra’s Netflix debut will surely give the show a lot more visibility right now, and it naturally ties in to the streaming service’s plans to do a live-action Avatar reboot. But it’s worth noting that Korra is already available to stream on CBS All Access, if you happen to have a subscription to that service. Come August, we all have to be prepared for the never-ending “Is Airbender or Korra better?” conversation, which I personally will be ducking out of to focus on the fact that Korra’s Bolin is the ultimate himbo hunk.

The Summer of Avatar Continues: Korra Hits Netflix in August