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Billie Eilish Is Here to Disrupt Your Present With ‘My Future’

She returns! Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Live Nation

As if pop stans haven’t been fed enough these past few weeks, Billie Eilish released her new song “My Future” today, July 30. It’s another spare, dark ballad, in the style of her previous When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? followups “everything i wanted” and “No Time to Die,” the theme song to the newest James Bond movie. The song comes on the same day Eilish grabs six nominations at the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards, including a direction nomination for her self-directed “xanny” video. Perhaps even more could be in her future next year for an imminent “My Future” visual? Eilish had been set to take her breakout 2019 album on a world tour this year, but has instead been stuck home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, hosting a radio show with her dad when she’s not turning out our sad-summer anthems.

“It’s just that growth. I spent years and years relying on having someone,” Eilish told Zane Lowe about where’s she’s at, personally, and how the song — written in two day days! — reflects it. “And as soon as I didn’t have someone, I got somebody else. And I’m not talking about relationships. I’m talking about everything. Like … I could never be alone. I couldn’t take my own company for so long.” She continued, “As much ‘my future”’ is a song about personal growth and being content, it’s now, more than ever I listen to it, I’m like, Wow, this is actually is super relevant to right now. It’s crazy when you can get to a point in life where hope itself feels hopeless. Should you even be wishing? We need the music. We need the hope.”

Billie Eilish Drops Your Sad Summer Anthem, ‘My Future’