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Carrie Underwood Knows Exactly What We Need Right Now, and It’s a Christmas Album

Looks like someone got high marks at the Lea Michele School of Christmas Albums for Proper Young Songstresses, and that person is Carrie Underwood. Though we assumed she already had like seven Christmas albums, Underwood announced on July 20 (Christmas in July!) that she will be releasing her first-ever holiday album, titled My Gift. In a trailer for the upcoming record, Underwood says that “this year, it was kind of on my heart to do a Christmas album. I just felt like this was such a fitting time. I kind of feel like it’s a more perfect time than ever to record an album like this.” Because while we’re locked in our apartments in 100°F heat to avoid a deadly airborne pandemic, we too tend to think, We need a little Christmas. The behind-the-scenes footage in the trailer is extremely 2020: session artists in the recording studio wearing face masks, and producer Greg Wells Zooming in. Underwood hasn’t released the track list or revealed any featured artists yet. In a statement, she said, “For me, it’s more important than ever to focus on the true meaning of Christmas in a project like this.” You can preorder the album, out September 25, with a souvenir Carrie Underwood T-shirt and hoodie for $115. We love the true meaning of Christmas.

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Carrie Underwood Knows What We Need & it’s a Christmas Album