Daniel Dae Kim to Get His Hands Dirty With Baking Rom-Com A Sweet Mess

Photo: Rodin Eckenroth/FilmMagic

Seems like appearing in last year’s Always Be My Maybe has given Daniel Dae Kim a sweet tooth for rom-coms. Only this time, he gets to be the star, not the neglectful boyfriend you know the lead is going to leave, then briefly reconcile with, then ultimately ditch for the love of her life. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Flack actor will be dipping his cheekbones into the genre with Jayci Lee’s upcoming romance novel, A Sweet Mess, set to be released tomorrow, July 14. Kim reportedly plans to both produce and star in a feature adaptation.

As for the plot of A Sweet Mess, oh, it’s just the perfect throwback ’90s rom-com plot to take the edge off. “A pampered socialite turned small town baker loves her secluded life, but a cake mix-up and a jaded celebrity food critic threatens her hard-won freedom,” the summary reads. “The fix? Go to California’s wine country and guest star on the critic’s cooking show.”

No word about who could potential play the film’s leading lady, though she will definitely be portrayed by an Asian-American actress. “I wrote A Sweet Mess to share a story featuring Asian-Americans as main characters,” author Lee told THR. “To show them as fellow Americans who laugh, cry, and love. Now everyone will be able to see A Sweet Mess come to life on screen. My heart is bursting.”

Daniel Dae Kim to Get His Hands Dirty In Sweet Mess Rom-Com