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Desus & Mero Do an Instagram Bit That’s Just for Us History Nerds

If you’re still reeling from today’s news that the Emmys, for reasons beyond our understanding, nominated a whole bunch of TV shows that aren’t Desus & Mero, let this be your salve. While these two may appear to be simple late-night hosts, on Sunday night’s episode, Desus Nice and the Kid Mero revealed they are in fact historians of great renown, having unearthed definitive proof that Beethoven was Black: his Verzuz battle with himself (or an alter ego known as “Jayhoven”). Thankfully, they’ve just today put this important historical find up on YouTube, because while “Beethoven Verzuz Jayhoven” was fun enough the first time (“Who runs Vienna!?”), it’s also a rare late-night bit you’ll actually need to watch several times to appreciate, thanks to its extremely active comments section.

Historical greats with usernames like REAL_Claude_DeBu$$y, KarlMark¥Marx, and OscarWildin!69! offer up a running commentary just for you and your history-nerd friends to chuckle at. For instance, a user named Immanuel69*Kant comments, “This is simply transcendental!,” while The-Real-Shakespeare announces, “I wrote a play during this shit,” and, of course, Ziwe is there to ask Beethoven to come on her IG Live show (he would truly be an iconic guest). Oh, and there’s even an obligatory thumbs-up emoji from Joe Biden. Who said only paying attention to AP history and would never pay off, mom?

Desus & Mero Do an Instagram Bit That’s Just for Us Nerds