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Diane Keaton’s Taco Tutorial Invites More Questions Than It Answers

Photo: Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images

Diane Keaton is always operating at the top of her Diane Keaton game (as evidenced by her Oscars outfit and extensive hat collection), so it’s not exactly fair to say her new Instagram taco tutorial is peak Diane Keaton. Instead, in it, she seems to transcend her own perfect Diane Keaton–ness and embody a sort of meta-Diane Keaton–ness, the kind you might see in an SNL sketch entitled “Diane Keaton Makes Tacos” in the style of “Liza Minelli Tries to Turn Off a Lamp.” Declares the actress by way of introduction, “Contrary to what you may be thinking, it’s not Halloween. No, in fact, you know what it is? It’s Taco Friday. You’re gonna think I’m nuts!”

The proceeding video begs a lot of questions. What temperature must Diane Keaton keep her home so that she might wear a gown over a turtleneck and a hat and not sweat over those tacos? How hard did Nancy Meyers slap Diane Keaton when she saw how cavernously large and amazing her kitchen must be, as evidenced by the marathon Keaton goes on to find a fork? Who does she ask to remind her what broccoli is called? And most importantly, who on earth doesn’t know about putting melty shredded cheese on a delicious warm tortilla? The answer is, hopefully, someone who watches Diane Keaton’s Instagram videos. You’re welcome, Diane Keaton fan. If this turns out to be a covert Sargento ad, though, we’re going to be so, so mad.

Diane Keaton’s Taco DIY Begs More Questions Than It Answers