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Disney+ Cranks Out More Star Wars Content, Orders Animated Clone Wars Sequel Series

A scene from The Clone Wars. Photo: Disney+

As it stands now, Disney+ is a streaming service held together by a loose conglomeration of the Disney vault, Hamilton, Marvel, and, primarily, Baby Yoda. With more of The Mandalorian coming this fall, Disney+ is pushing further into the whole Star Wars business with a new animated series: The Bad Batch, a sequel of sorts to the popular Clone Wars animated series that started airing on the Cartoon Network in 2008. The Bad Batch follows the “elite and experimental clones” dubbed the Bad Batch, who were introduced in the original series, “as they find their way in a rapidly changing galaxy in the immediate aftermath of the Clone War.” Dave Filoni, who was the supervising director for The Clone Wars as well as an executive producer of The Mandalorian, is executive-producing The Bad Batch, while Brad Rau will serve as supervising director on the series. The Bad Batch will debut on Disney+ in 2021, which gives us some comfort that, if the pandemic slows down live-action Star Wars projects (like Leslye Headland’s Disney+ series), there will at least be something animated coming to the people eventually.

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Disney+ Orders Clone Wars Animated Sequel The Bad Batch