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What Is Drake Doing in Barbados?

Photo: Getty Images

If quarantine has shown us anything, it’s that celebrities are using this time to make some strange life choices, particularly when it comes to love. Case in point: Drake was spotted in Barbados earlier this week, ostensibly to party and play pickup basketball. Now, maybe Drake blindly pointed at a map and just happened to choose the small Caribbean country for a vacation, but there are more likely theories. Barbados, of course, is Rihanna’s home country, and Drake’s longstanding obsession with her sparked up again back in March, when he publicly (and messily) tried to get her attention in the comments of DJ Spade’s Instagram Live chat. Cut to a few months later, and Drake is strolling the streets of Barbados with friends and drawing a huge crowd at a pickup-basketball game, pausing to take pictures with fans. He apparently flew out on his colorful private jet, which is classic scorned-ex behavior.

In case that wasn’t obvious enough for you, Drake was also spotted hanging out in front of Rihanna’s childhood home, located on a street literally called Rihanna Drive (Barbados renamed the street after Rihanna in 2017). To make things even weirder, he was photographed with Rihanna’s brother, Rorrey (standing to the left of Drake in the last group photo).

Sadly, it seems that the answer to “what is Drake doing in Barbados” is as obvious and underwhelming as “trying to get Rihanna’s attention,” and the timing of it all probably has something to do with his upcoming album. The simplest answer is usually the correct one, but as far as alternate theories go, Twitter has a few good ones.

What Is Drake Doing in Barbados?