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Flo Milli Is All About Her Cash in the ‘Weak’ Music Video

Flo Milli is too busy counting her cash to worry about men. The 20-year-old rapper from Alabama just dropped her debut EP with RCA Records Ho, Why Is You Here?, and with it, a music video dedicated to her one true love: dollars. She rocks giant rollers with dollar-sign earrings, a money do-rag with a train for days, and stiletto Timbs, pointed toes and all, as she bosses around a calvary of men. They line up when she walks by, iron her bills, and presumably toss the cash to make it rain while she raps on top of a car. So hard to find good service like that nowadays. “These niggas weak / They’ve been textin’ me all week / Just let me be (let me go) / Blowin’ me up, I’m tryna sleep / I ain’t your freak,” she raps, trying to fend off all the attention. It’s just one of the many perils of being a bad bitch Flo Milli gets into on Ho, Why Is You Here?. Her singles “Beef FloMix” and “In the Party” have already gone viral on TikTok, all credit to her memorable bars and sweet-’n-salty attitude. Listening to Flo Milli is like free confidence, take some if you need some.

Flo Milli Keeps Her Mind on Her Money in ‘Weak’ Music Video