Watch Hannibal Buress’s New Comedy Special Miami Nights on YouTube

You spent your Saturday night at home, eating burgers and listening to a mathematically-improbable number of fireworks, so go ahead, spend tonight in Miami. On Friday, Hannibal Buress released his new comedy special Miami Nights on YouTube for free. The special, which initially had commercials but has since had the commercial breaks removed, addresses a wide range of Hannibal Buress-related topics, from becoming sober to his struggle with asthma to fielding constant offers to become a game show host, which the comedian promises he will eventually. “The prophecy will be fulfilled,” he explains. “But the time is not now.”

The special also address the Eric Andre Show and Broad City actor’s 2017 arrest in the titular Florida city for misdemeanor disorderly intoxication, video of which circulated on social media after the fact. “What’s up YouTube? It’s me,” Buress says in the clip, which plays during the special. “This cop’s stupid as fuck.”

According Buress, who says he was drunk with a dead phone at the time, he asked a police officer if he would call him an Uber back to his hotel for $20. “This cop’s upset,” the comedian explains. “He follows me. He followed me into the bar and says, ‘Hey, you can’t go to that bar. You’re too drunk to go into that bar.’ So where should I be?” Says Buress, “So, I do leave the bar, because I don’t want to get shot in the face, and have it justified. ‘Yeah, I had to shoot him in the face. His teeth, they looked like 32 tiny guns, and he was smiling a lot.’”

After making some “hilarious” comments to the cop, like calling him a “bitch-ass,” Buress was arrested and, according to him, roasted the officer while in a holding cell. According to Newsweek, police later dropped the charge, with the comedian’s attorney Brian Bieber noting his comments were protected by the First Amendment. As an added twist, Buress shouts out Bieber in the audience to a round of applause. Luis Verne, the Miami police officer who arrested Buress, was later accused of assaulting a bar patron while drinking off-duty, before putting him in a chokehold.

Hannibal Buress Drops Comedy Special Miami Nights on YouTube