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Noted ‘Old Person’ Hasan Minhaj Imparts His Wisdom to Desi Teens

Adorable flossing teen Abeer is back, and he’s already planning on taking over Hasan Minhaj’s hosting duties in the event of his death. On the most recent “Deep Cuts” digital exclusive from Patriot Act With Hasan Minhaj, Minhaj brought back the desi teens he interviewed in 2019 about their experiences growing up Indian-American. Now the tables have turned, and the seven teens had the chance to grill Minhaj on everything from his parenting (yes, his 2-year-old daughter eats biryani) to his advice on getting through coronavirus in America (there’s a basketball metaphor) to “what’s it like being an old person.” When one kid asks him what kind of desi uncle he aspires to be, Minhaj paints a picture of him going “full uncle” with “the full ET body. Skinny arms. Gut. Mustache. Cricket on in the background. Not listening to any family members. Forwarding conspiracy theories on WhatsApp.” It’s not all TikTok dances and dunking on millennials, though. When one teen asks him how to start conversations with older relatives about anti-Black racism in the community, Minhaj tells them to come at it from a place of:

Hey, you’re a member of my family. I love you. I’m not trying to tear down your character or who you are as a person. This is just an important thing to talk about. There’s a difference between ignorance and abject hatred. And for the most part, I think a lot of people aren’t filled with hatred. There’s just a lot of ignorance.” 

The segment ends with everyone’s favorite guest star Abeer telling Minhaj, “When you die, I’ll be the next you,” and adding, “I’ll see you very, very soon, Netflix.” If you stay to the end of the video, Minhaj has replaced his picture on the subscribe screen with Abeer. Step one in Abeer’s plan for total Patriot Act domination, and we love to see it.

‘Old Person’ Hasan Minhaj Imparts His Wisdom to Desi Teens