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Swole Gamer Henry Cavill Is Very Proud of Building Himself a PC

Henry Cavill is a mustachio-minused superhero, a video-game-TV-show star, a dog blogger, and apparently seconds away from starting his own Twitch channel. Today, Cavill uploaded a YouTube video of himself putting together a new gaming PC in what appears to be a room with lightly cursed Joanne’s fabric curtains. The video is, for some reason, set to Barry White’s “You’re the First, the Last, My Everything,” and during the process Cavill wears a headlamp and gently swabs various computer parts. I don’t know much about gaming technology, but it seems like he is doing a pretty good job, and it’s fun that he bought glowy memory sticks. Personally, I would love to rev that thing up and play a nice game of Civilization VI on it. Anyway, enjoy the video. It is equally baffling and soothing, and if it could smell, it would smell like Monster Energy drinks.

Swole Gamer Henry Cavill Is Proud of Building Himself a PC