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HBO’s Considering an In Treatment Reboot, Potentially With Zoom Therapy

“Sorry, could you unmute yourself?” Photo: HBO

Considering the threat of COVID-19, the easiest TV shows to bring back are the ones that involve two people sitting apart from each other in a room or potentially just calling in over Zoom. According to TVLine, HBO is exploring plans to reboot In Treatment, which originally ran for three seasons starting in 2008 and was itself based on the Israeli series BeTipul. There’s not much out there about what the reboot would look like, or whether Gabriel Byrne would come back to play the therapist again, but as TVLine points out, a big advantage of an In Treatment reboot would be that it would be pretty easy to shoot while maintaining social-distance guidelines, and that “episodes could also potentially be shot remotely, with doctor/patient holding sessions via Zoom.” Wait, more importantly, is now the time to get Lisa Kudrow to bring back Web Therapy?

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HBO’s Considering a Potentially Zoom-ed In Treatment Reboot