Aparna from Indian Matchmaking Clarifies Her (Correct) Opinion on Comedy

Aparna wants to clear something up: It’s not that she doesn’t like comedy; it’s that she doesn’t like bad comedy. And as anyone who’s unfortunate enough to date men knows, there are a lot of guys out there who don’t realize how unfunny they are. The cast of Indian Matchmaking caught up with Dolly Singh from Netflix India to answer fan questions and share their reactions to their newfound reality TV fame. Aparna clarified that “it’s very hard to find good comedy,” and that “I don’t think I’m opposed to humor, but I just think that overall a lot of people are not funny. And they think they are. And they’re not.” She is a hero for saying it. Akshay talks about breaking off his engagement, and what he meant when he said he wants to find a girl who is like his mom. Nadia spoke about how proud she was to represent Guyana, and Vinay spoke about how defensive he was to represent ghosters. Pradhyuman gave this prolonged reason for why he’s turned down 150 matches, using a metaphor where he compares women to… cell phones? These interviews all happen over Zoom, which gives a glimpse into everyone’s quarantine apartment setup. Most disturbing of all is Guru’s decor choices: the only thing on his shelf is a stuffed animal that says “Hudson Yards” on it. We hope Sima Aunty watches this video and takes note, because that’s a red flag.

Aparna from Indian Matchmaking Clarifies Opinion on Comedy