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Jaden Smith Gets Into the Quarantine Music Game With ‘Cabin Fever’

Photo: MediaPunch/Shutterstock

It’s not looking like we’re getting out of quarantine anytime soon, so why not make some new music out of it? Everyone’s doing it. Jaden Smith has gotten into the quarantuning game with the appropriately-titled new single “Cabin Fever,” presumably recorded sometime over the last four months. He calls it “my vision of a quarantine love song” in a release, adding, “It’s made to be listened to when the sun is setting and you’re feeling good.” Feeling good? In this climate? Well, there’s also a line about marshmallow pies, and honestly that doesn’t sound bad right about now. Anyway. Smith also announced a new mixtape, The Cool Cafe: Cool Tape Vol. 3, the third addition to the series he started in 2012. He released the last tape in 2014, before breakout albums SYRE and ERYS. “If you’re a fan of me for a long, long time, you do feel like there is that little gap that we missed,” he told Apple Music’s Zane Lowe of releasing the mixtape rather than a new album. But all we really want to know is, should we expect a guest spot from his friend August Alsina? (Probably not.)

Update, July 30: Smith dropped the music video for “Cabin Fever,” which looks to be the opposite of that — he’s at the beach, he’s on a drive, he’s in a field. Count this as your escapism for the day.

Jaden Smith Joins Quarantine Music Game With ‘Cabin Fever’