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James Charles and Tana Mongeau Apologize for Partying During a Pandemic

Photo: Getty Images

Influencers are over the pandemic aesthetic. Several YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok stars were publicly called out for attending parties — straight-up house parties without masks — while the coronavirus is still claiming lives in Los Angeles. Two of the biggest offenders, YouTube stars James Charles and Tana Mongeau, apologized after being called out by YouTube vet Tyler Oakley. It started on July 21 when influencers from across the internet attended a birthday party at the Hype House. Videos of the party show the crowded house and lines of people waiting to be let in. Charles, Mongeau, TikTok stars Charli and Dixie D’Amelio, YouTuber Nikita Dragun, and many more were in attendance.

Charles acknowledged it three days later in his “Day in the Life” video from the day of the party. The party footage was cut out and replaced with a note reading, “Even though I have been wearing a mask in public and have tested negative multiple times, going to a party during a pandemic was a selfish and stupid decision. People’s safety and keeping COVID-19 contained is FAR more important that celebrating a [friend’s] birthday and unsafe partying is not something I want to promote to my audience.” Charles hasn’t commented on his non-socially distant photo shoots or TikToks.

On July 26, Mongeau received extra backlash for posting a poorly timed video with YouTuber Erika Costell (Mongeau’s ex, Jake Paul’s, ex) saying, “Listen, we don’t fucking care,” while at a different party. That means Mongeau had been to Jake Paul’s party on July 11, the Hype House party on the July 22, and this one on July 25. It’s simply not CDC-approved behavior. Fans assumed Mongeau meant she didn’t care about the virus, and some were especially concerned because Mongeau has previously spoken about severe breathing issues which led to an asthma diagnosis.

To clear up the video (and apologize), Mongeau posted on her Instagram Story saying she was referring to “past drama,” not the pandemic. “Partying/going to any social gatherings during a global pandemic was such a careless and irresponsible action on my behalf,” she said. “I fully hold myself accountable for this + will be staying inside.” Just call it a #2WeekIsolationChallenge and the curve will flatten in no time.

James Charles and Tana Mongeau Apologize for Partying