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David Schwimmer Groans His Way Through Jimmy Fallon’s Friends Questions

It’s been 16 years since Friends decided that it wasn’t going to be there for you any longer, but David Schwimmer is now making his return to television sitcoms with Intelligence, which is available to watch on that free NBC streaming service. The man formerly known as Ross Geller swung by Monday’s Tonight Show to discuss his new political comedy with Jimmy Fallon, but within seconds the host … pivoted … to a tired line of questioning. “You’ve probably been asked these questions a million times,” Fallon said about Friends. “I’m sorry.” He’s sorry? More like we’re sorry that he had to be on the receiving end of one of of the most iconic groans in late-night history, with Schwimmer ultimately putting on a brave face as he rehashed the past yet again. (Just bask in his facial journey at 1:45.) He did offer one insight, though: “It’s not even a question, they were on a break.”

David Schwimmer Groans at Fallon’s Friends Questions