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Enjoy the Calming Mental Image of Joanna Newsom Grilling

Balance. Photo: Taylor Hill/FilmMagic,

The best part of any profile of either Andy Samberg or Joanna Newsom are the mentions of their other halves. The comedian and harpist couple present Hollywood’s best and most delightful union of a class clown and that literature nerd in high school who is maybe actually a fairy. He makes smart-dumb dick jokes, she seemingly knows knows all the words. So, let us revel in the magic of this one-line mention of Newsom and Sandberg’s quarantine activities in a new GQ profile of Sandberg: “At night, Newsom mans the grill.” Imagine Joanna Newsom at a grill! Her hands dexterously moving things around over an open flame as she hums some ancient-seeming tune, with birdsong in the distance. It’s beautiful. I want to think about it forever. Joanna, if you would like to share your grilling tips with Vulture dot com, please reach out.

Elsewhere in the profile, things mostly focus on Palm Springs and, deservedly, how Brooklyn Nine-Nine is rethinking its approach to making comedy about the police amid a global reckoning about police violence. There, Samberg reiterates much of what he and members of the show have said in the past. There are a few other mentions of Newsom’s activities as well — she’s managed to cut Samberg’s hair into a “perfect fade” using only scissors, and their house contains “three harps, also mostly used by Newsom: two for mom, one toddler-size, a gift from Newsom’s preferred harpmaker.” “Preferred harpmarker,” what a beautiful combination of words. May we all be so lucky as to have such expertise on the harp, or on the grill.

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Let Us Meditate on the Image of Joanna Newsom Grilling